Monthly Archives: May 2012

Heck no

A screaming toddler at stater bros. taught me what NOT to do. And great acoustics in here. You can soon hear nothing else but him throughout the whole store.

I reckon I’m glad my momma taught me the Vulcan neck pinch and the stink eye, and didn raise no dumb chilren!



One man’s best friend, anyway

Life is funny!

[This is from a previous blog, but I had to share it here.]

I saw this outside a Starbucks yesterday and had to share. As I approached the door and saw this Crown Vic (is it a cop?….no, whew) I saw something peculiar.

What’s with the flimsy blue rope attached to the side mirror? What’s on the other end, pray tell? Then I saw it….

Yes, that is a cat tethered to the side mirror of a car…with a red bandana on. This cat was obviously used to this as it didn’t even flinch when I stepped over it to get through the door. It was quite relaxed. The rope was a little scary as it looked as if it had been reappropriated from a piñata. Don’t worry, the owner was in sight, and he left a cup of Starbucks triple-filtered water on the ground for the kitty.

I’m confident he rememberd to pull the cat back in before he drove away.