Monthly Archives: May 2012

Heck no

A screaming toddler at stater bros. taught me what NOT to do. And great acoustics in here. You can soon hear nothing else but him throughout the whole store.

I reckon I’m glad my momma taught me the Vulcan neck pinch and the stink eye, and didn raise no dumb chilren!



This space intentionally filled with characters

Hello all,

I’ve been writing a long time, but bloggage is a new venture for me. Powerful as it is, I am learning and I welcome and invite all comments and suggestions.

Peace and blessings, and Happy Memorial Day! Thank you all of those who have fought for my freedom and my right to pursue happiness.



One man’s best friend, anyway

Life is funny!

[This is from a previous blog, but I had to share it here.]

I saw this outside a Starbucks yesterday and had to share. As I approached the door and saw this Crown Vic (is it a cop?….no, whew) I saw something peculiar.

What’s with the flimsy blue rope attached to the side mirror? What’s on the other end, pray tell? Then I saw it….

Yes, that is a cat tethered to the side mirror of a car…with a red bandana on. This cat was obviously used to this as it didn’t even flinch when I stepped over it to get through the door. It was quite relaxed. The rope was a little scary as it looked as if it had been reappropriated from a piñata. Don’t worry, the owner was in sight, and he left a cup of Starbucks triple-filtered water on the ground for the kitty.

I’m confident he rememberd to pull the cat back in before he drove away.