Mediation of reality repackaged

Saying, “That just happened!” immediately after something happens.

Is it just me, or are people using this phrase at an increasingly alarming rate?

If you aren’t sure how this works here are some examples:

(Person spills coffee on table and/or self)…”That JUST happened!”

(Car accident in intersection out the window)…”That just HAPPENED?”

(Object which is supposed to be inanimate and non-sentient jumps off the shelf)…”That just happened.”

Usually it is accompanied–I’ve observed–by a facial expression which does not match the event at hand. In fact, I think maybe this phrase is in lieu of an expression of shock, disappointment, surprise, or embarrassment.

Perhaps this trend is a result of our ever-postering-post-modernism combined with a general desensitization to reality. Indeed, things that happen on TV seem more real than what REALLY happens when you watch enough of it.

What do you think about this possible trending?


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