Funny word of the day: iceberg


I love to play with language and turn a mirror on my speech sometimes. I think it’s funny most of the time, but I wonder if it really annoys others. Oh well.

Usually these just pop into my head incidentally.

For example, “iceberg”…is there any other kind of “berg?” Any which contain other natural substances? I’ve never heard of:

-airbergs (clouds, maybe?)

How did this compound noun become so special? A large mass that one usually can only see the tip of, though the rest of it is very consequential or significant. I think that some abstract concepts could be very clearly communicated with the berg thing. For example:

-memoryberg (something you can’t get out of your memory; significant past event)
-exberg (a person you used to be with that still just maintains too big a presence in your life)
-peaceberg (something giving you peace)
-shameberg (I don’t think I have to define this. We all know we have some.)

What do you think? Leave a comment!


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