A Rant! Venice Beach gentrification hypocritical BS

I began this post the day the news was fresh, but I just have this to say…

It upsets me that the liberal voices who are celebrating Venice Beach for its oddball and awkward appeal, and condemning the city and Google for changing the neighborhood at all, have almost no regard for those who really live there.

I listen to NPR often. Larry Mantle was obviously giving his opinion in all of his interviews that day, and was desperately looking for a resident to back him up.

This is worse than the Occupy movement. So it’s ok for them to cheer and gawk at the crazies down there, and want to protect the freakshow tourist attraction, but don’t they care about those who actually live there when the tourists go away? I think protecting the freedom to be eccentric and odd is great, but VB residents I’m sure would rather have that without the crime and poverty.

If the city, Google, and the other interest groups want to move in and help improve the community while keeping the core spirit an character alive, give them a chance! There are better ways of saving that than liberalist double-standards.



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