[Continuing my series on some of David Burns cognitive distortions. It helps me to really see them for what they are and how I apply them to my thinking.]

It has a bunch of “conclusions” written on it, that you would jump to!







Jumping to conclusions–it’s the Andrew Lloyd Weber of distortions in my opinion. Loud, dominating, powerful, and massively appealing. Two particularly sinister varieties:

Mind reading: assuming you have the inside knowledge of the thoughts and intents inside someone else’s head.

•Women get a bad rap for this one, often unjustifiably so. All it takes is one look and you can go crazy on the read-into-it spiral: “His eyebrow went up when I said that, omigosh he’s totally offended stupid me and my big mouth so harsh doesn’t he appreciate all I do–hey don’t judge me!” Guys do it too though.

Fortune telling: exaggerating how things will turn out before they happen.

It’s kind of like the slippery slope fallacy, but it’s a lot more self-sabotaging than that. And it is a very efficient courage-killer.

How my life might have been different if a few of those times that I thought, “I’m going to!…no wait I’ll look like an idiot…and get in trouble…” I had just done/said it. Well, don’t dwell on the past.

As I study the bright turning points of history, the births of genius, and the movers and shakers past and present, I realize that they fear all the same stuff too but don’t take the time to think about it.

I cut myself off from opportunities over and over. I chase a ghost on a breeze of a train of thought that isn’t even plausible half the time, let alone probable. Instead, I want to open the sail and let the breeze carry me more until I’m “falling, with style.”

I don’t know where “there” will be, but at least it gives me a chance to get out of “here.”


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