I have always liked animals. A lot. And I think it’s easier to like them when you respect them and are informed about them. Naivete is dangerous. I also think banning pit bulls is not helpful to the associated behavioral problems. I know this isn’t new but I came across it today.

Five Damn Good Reasons to Vote Down Miami’s Pit Bull Ban Today – Miami – News – Riptide 2.0.

I like this:

5. Everyone who knows anything about animals is against it Here’s what the American Veterinary Medical Association recently told the Miami Heraldabout pit bulls: “Controlled studies have not identified this breed group as disproportionately dangerous.” They’re joined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association, and the Humane Society in opposing pit bull bans. If that’s not enough expert opinion, consider this: 4. PETA supports the ban If the only group still standing behind a law is the same one that has compared dog breeders to Hitler and meat production to Jim Crow-era lynching, and routinely exploited the Holocaust to bully people into vegetarianism, you should oppose that law by definition.

Frailty, thy name is PETA.

I heard a story on NPR once that an exterminator was called in to get rid of a rat presence at their headquarters. When he offered to use non-lethal measures for them (because, y’know, you’re PETA and all) they rejected them and said just kill the rats. “Come on…they’re just RATS.” I suppose PETAEFR (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Except for Rats) is just too cumbersome an acronym, let alone an epithet.


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