Passwords ate my homework!!!

Passwords are out of control. I have to find something to ease this menacing time-suck in my life. I have to guess, reset, and get locked out of countless accounts because of passwords and corresponding user IDs. It’s to the point where I desperately miss paper, which is even easier to physically lose.

Look at this prompt I was recently given for how to create a password. (Name of entity and account omitted, obviously.) I swear I am NOT making this up.

Must have a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 40 characters. Must contain a mixture of letters, numbers and at least one special character, i.e. -, *, >, etc. Passwords must contain one upper case letter. Must not contain any spaces. Must not be a previously used password. Must not contain any spaces. Must not include common words describing [anything related to the industry], colors, fruits, countries or sports teams. Examples of passwords that will not be accepted: Coffee11, yellow23, 12lake34. Passwords should only be reused after one year of non-use. Passwords should not contain any part of the user name.

I’m going through the seven stages of grief just reading these instructions! And I’m losing hope I’ll ever think of something that I will be able to remember, and where to write it down yet be able to find it again.




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