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As open-ended as possible…..?

Costco Stoics

When’s the last time you saw a happy Costco employee? It’s been a long time for me. They always strike me as British public service employees. Trying to get them to smile becomes a fun challenge for tourists.

Costco Game Face. I almost saw this expression on a supervisor and a snack bar employee.

Costco Game Face. I almost saw this expression on a supervisor and a snack bar employee recently.

The supervisors are really bad but the snack bar people are worse.






What company do you know that has employees who seem to be happy to work there? I’m trying to come up with a list of my own.
In-N-Out (All hail)
Disney? (Nope. Maybe once upon a time.)

Hmm, this is tougher than I thought. Help!


I’ve got a confession

I voted for the California chicken regulations. You know, the kind where they give more humane conditions to chickens and simultaneously make farming–an already perilous career–in America an even more bad idea. I have nothing against chickens so these laws are nice in intent but quagmireish in result, I fear.

I’m sorry.

Darkness of Night…mares

My son had a nightmare. He woke up calling and repeatedly crying out for, “Light!–Light!–Light!

His music box tied to his crib has a little night light on a timer. He quickly must have climbed up to turn it on. Between his sobbing and asking for Light and Mama, I had wondered if maybe he felt some real kind of pain. But it seemed that he had only been dreaming after all. The irony is that we were, at that moment, watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2; that while we were watching a movie about Dark, Dark, he was crying for Light, Light.

Yet another reminder to me that our feelings and sensibilities work even without our awareness. Some things bother us for reasons, even if our cultured mind tells us that we should pay them no mind. Put in sexy young actors, a trendy soundtrack, take out the blood, and suddenly you can forget about the wanton violence and cursed, demon-spawn that originally was the world of vampires.

Dude, who WOULDN’T want to be this brand of monster?















I’m not saying that everything with an element of fear or evil should be strictly off-limits to children. I only advocate moderation and intentionality. (Don’t get me started on my Alice & Wonderland rant. I’ll save that for another post.) But my son reminds me, in his own way, that nearly everything that is going on matters. That there really is a Battle going on all the time and ground is either being gained or surrendered.



January 29, 2013

I’m so pissed off today.

So what?

I’m really angry about what’s not working. What’s not happening. What I don’t understand.

Who cares? Change it then.

Show me the way, and give me the courage…


You may have heard motivational materials, self-help messages, and friends telling us we need to protect our environment and surround ourselves with positive people while eliminating or limiting exposure to the “toxic” ones.

But how often do you hear from the said toxic ones? What do they do when they realize they are the toxic ones in each scenario? In each relationship? What do they really need to dump and what healthy actions should they take? How do they detox? All they really know, is what they SHOULDN’T be. They should stop being like themselves, and be like someone else. Be someone better. Someone that they want to be.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t be pushed and should accept themselves. I’m saying the opposite. They would be better off if they changed their negative ways. It’s better to be cancer-free than to have cancer.

As a confoundedly toxic person myself I realize all my efforts come from the same source, and thus fail to change anything significantly. It’s strange to be the Achilles heel. It’s infuriating.

It’s not that people can’t understand. It’s that they don’t, because they think more clearly. It’s not that they are unable to grasp it. It’s me distorting it. Actually it’s probably more accurate to say they understand me better than I do.

That’s when I realize I have nothing to say at that moment. When every word that wants to come out of my mouth–every word I can think of–is negative or pity party in nature…I think it’s best to say nothing……………………..until I have something good to say.