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Simplicity in the eyes and ears of a child

This is one of my new favorite images.

With the ears of a child...

Eagerly taking in beauty

Not only because it contains some of my favorite people, but because of the memories I have attached to it. This is now a picture of who they really are and why I love them so much. Incidentally, this is my wife and son along with my sister on the left, listening to an acoustic guitar duo singing folk songs on a Laguna Beach street corner.

Let me share my memories with you.

After listening intently to the singer/musicians for a while, my son couldn’t resist anymore–he hopped down (as much as a 1-year-old can hop) and walked right up to them. He has always been enchanted with guitars, and the singer must of recognized it right away because he crouched down to let my son play his guitar.

A wild-looking, tatted beachcomber walked up and watched this for a moment. Smiling ear to ear, another onlooker said “I think he’s going to grow up to be a musician!” The tatted wanderer just kept smiling and said,

“He already is.”

At the right edge of the picture, you can barely see the waxing entrance of another beach-goer. She appears as if she has been here for years–decades. And many of those years have been unkind to her. She watched this scene with us for a while, until her smiles turned to tears. My wife came alongside her, in her tears also, and held her like a friend. She didn’t know what was happening in this woman’s heart. She didn’t need to–that’s the kind of person my wife is. Never before have I known someone who can peer into another soul so naturally.

The woman told us that this awestruck child was so beautiful and precious because it was evident he was loved so much…that he had a a precious mother who had given her son more in 10 minutes than she had received in her lifetime.

As we walk alongside hundreds of people every day who really know what quiet desperationis, take that extra moment to really look at someone. Dare yourself to see them as they are…and what they dream they could be. Remember that “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”


Brave Hearts

What’s your favorite part of Braveheart?

(Yes, I am assuming you at least like the movie. It’s not too far-fetched.)

More specifically, what is the part that most makes you want to be a better person? That makes you respect Wallace (or whoever) the most?

I think mine is the part where Robert the Bruce confronts his dad. After the big betrayal, something is awakened deep in Robert—appearing like anger, but is so much more than that—and he becomes a different person. His father tells him all men lose heart. And he lashes back, “I DON’T WANT TO LOSE HEART!!!….I want to believe!”

That conversation between that father and son plays out over and over in my heart. I realize that I’m not unique in this. But I really need to scream back at the cynic within me a lot.

Has there ever been a turning point in your life which gave the power over to one of these men? Have you fallen to cynicism, or have you frustratingly and stubbornly shouted and risen against the gravity to take heart?